“JAWS has been a critical resource for me at all stages of my career — providing advice, connections and inspiration when I needed help, a job lead or training to acquire new skills. And now, in my new role, it’s the first network I tap when I have positions to fill.”

Katherine Ann Rowlands, past JAWS president and owner of Bay City News Service, San Francisco

“JAWS has been tremendously valuable for me in terms of connecting me with people who can act as sounding boards, provide encouragement and practical advice.”

Zoe Sullivan, independent multimedia journalist, Brazil

“As a career changer JAWS has given me a network of people to help in my transition…People I can ask for advice, guidance, ideas or connections. I feel that JAWS offers a huge support system.”

– Carol High, writer/reporter, San Francisco

“What hasn’t JAWS done for me? When I wrote a book, members around the country arranged book signings and put me up. I’ve made lifelong friends who are great career advisors. And I’ve met some terrific, smart young women who let me mentor them. The reality is I learn more from them than I give.”

– Lisa Shepard, independent journalist/author, Arlington, Va

“JAWS is a sounding board and a support system and the best networking tool on the planet.

– Tanya Gazdik, automotive editor/senior writer, Detroit

“I have gotten job recommendations, career steering, such valuable professional advice in every twist and turn of my career. I have learned so much from all the inspiring and dynamic keynoters and workshops and even the happy hours. My dearest friends are through JAWS. They back me up– always. I feel seen and heard and I can also learn from all the new friends I meet and am able to mentor.”

Michele Weldon, Senior Leader, The OpEd Project Editorial Director, Take The Lead Emerita Faculty, The Medill School, Northwestern University