We are a powerful network of women committed to supporting one another with the friendship, knowledge, tools and career advice we need to succeed at every stage of our careers. We offer motivation, accountability and support as we share the ups and downs of the evolving world of journalism — and  strategize on how to make it a better environment for women. Some key benefits available to members include:


Our annual Conference and Mentoring Project (CAMP) is the original un-conference. Yes, we offer groundbreaking keynote speakers, a range of workshops and skills trainings, and conversations about the issues shaping journalism today. Yes, you can expect inspiring speakers, innovative presenters and rigorous sessions. But you’ll also find that CAMP offers an informal and encouraging atmosphere that’s like no other journalism gathering you’ve attended.


Our mentoring program matches members at every stage of their careers with someone from whom they can learn. Informally, we draft one another for particular kinds of help as needed, and exchange support and insight whenever two or more members meet up.


The JAWS directory and communications network puts you in touch with women at every level of journalism, all around the country. Reach out to journalists to get the inside scoop on a beat, a company, a region, a skill, a speaker for your class – or a foot in the door. Find yourself welcomed by women who are entry-level or legendary. Our communications channels and nationwide membership directory are private and available to members only. Directory is available upon request.

regional and online gatherings

We meet in person and online for workshops, networking events and much more. The topic might be data journalism, personal branding, responding to harassment, podcasting tools, leadership development, breaking into business reporting, or something you’ve never imagined. Learn a new skill – or teach others what you know.

Monthly Webinars

We’ve launched monthly online video programing to reach and connect members in every part of the country, not just the media centers. We present trainings, interview journalists producing the news, lead seminars to bring you up to speed on the latest in journalism – from podcasting to diversity – and more.