The JAWS Legacy Fund trustees invite you to help the Journalism and Women Symposium enhance resources to tell the stories of our unique organization.

Here’s how to donate your JAWS material to the National Women and Media Collection.

It’s easy. Your contributions will help students, scholars and future JAWS leaders gain a more complete understanding of the unique organization. There is no cost to you.

Digitized material can go directly to a OneDrive link. Please email Elizabeth Engel, Gina Setser or Glenda Holste, and that person will provide you with a link to the OneDrive drop box you can use to deposit your digital materials.

Box your hard copy and non-digitized JAWS material and mail to:

Elizabeth E. Engel, CA

Senior Archivist

Center for Missouri Studies

The State Historical Society of Missouri

605 Elm Street, Columbia, MO 65201

(573) 884-6760 | |

Let Elizabeth know by email you have sent material, with a copy of the email to Glenda Holste and Jane Marshall, Legacy Fund trustees keeping track of JAWS material donations.

If you want reimbursement for mailing costs from Legacy funds, send receipts to

Glenda Holste.

There are individual papers of 20 JAWS members already in the NWMC. These include papers of JAWS founder Tad Bartimus and NWMC founders Marj Paxson and Jean Gaddy Wilson. You are welcome to arrange for archiving all your historic material there, too. Contact Elizabeth Engel.