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The President of the Journalism and Women Symposium, according to the organization bylaws, serves as the chief executive officer of the organization. She directs staff and board members, presides at meetings, appoints committees, signs all written contracts and obligations of the organization, and speaks on behalf of JAWS. The president, most importantly, sets the tone and direction for JAWS.

December 2013: Happy almost New Year

Whaleyd0e0abDear JAWS members:

As I look to the year ahead and all the exciting upcoming programs and life events, I have to pause. I have to remind myself that there are a few days left in this year and lots to do before the clock strikes midnight.

Tucked in among our power cords and notebooks, my husband and I have piles of baby clothes to wash, baskets of papers to file and stacks of presents to send. We’re getting ready to welcome our first child into the world. After all these months, I still cannot believe he or she is almost here!
With many work projects under my belt, a recent apartment move and a nearly complete pregnancy, I have had quite the year personally.

Even so, my JAWS work has been some of the most gratifying.

November 2013: New president, CAMP re-cap

Whaleyd0e0abDear JAWS members:

When outgoing superwoman president Kat Rowlands placed the presidential shark crown on my head at this year’s Conference and Mentoring Project (CAMP), I teared up looking out at the brilliant women who started our Journalism and Women Symposium (JAWS) nearly 30 years ago sitting among those who were at CAMP for the first time. As a fellow in 2010, I remember the feelings I had at my first CAMP — intimidation and excitement — as I marveled at the brilliant badasses surrounding me, welcoming me into their ranks.

September 2013: Letter from the president

Better Kat pic

Building momentum is fun and we are doing a lot of that right now at JAWS.

At a networking party I held at my home this month, I got to sign up a dozen new members, connect writers looking for work with editors looking to hire, and start building a wish list of training sessions that we will organize this year.

What fun to see success with the networking, mentoring and training behind our mission to support the professional empowerment and personal growth of women in journalism and work toward a more accurate portrayal of the whole society.

March 2013: Letter from the president

Better Kat picThe JAWS Board of Directors took time recently to review the organization’s core values as a way to reaffirm the principles we value as an organization.

I found it inspiring to think about the strength of our collective purpose and to look back on all the careers that have been launched, sustained and propelled by the JAWS network during the last three decades.

September 2012: Letter from the president – New board slate

Better Kat picWe have fielded an impressive group of women to join the Board of Directors for 2012-13, pending election by the general membership at our fall conference in October. Going off the board — with our great thanks for their service— are Teresa Puente (who has served for two years as Secretary), Peggy Orchowski, E.J. Graff, Charreah Jackson and Jessica Alpert.

August 2012: Letter from the president – CAMP site selections

Better Kat picThe JAWS Board has selected the sites for our next three conferences, keeping in mind the membership’s desire to hold CAMP at a beautiful, affordable and accessible location. This is no easy task, especially when adding geographic diversity into the mix of criteria. But we try to please most members most of the time with a variety of selections and knowing in advance should help you — and the board — to plan.