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CAMP 2018: Tip sheets, interviews and highlights

Do you want to brush up on the lessons you learned at CAMP 2018, or check out info from a session you missed? Thanks to our 2018 fellows who prepared tip sheets and interviewed our keynote speakers, presenters who shared resources and attendees live-tweeted, we have a collection of tip sheets, videos and other media here. We hope you find it helpful!

CAMP 2018: Follow the Money to Cover Midterm Elections (and Well Beyond) Tip Sheet

By Shaya Tayefe Mohajer

The lead

There is a fire-hose of information available out there when it comes to election money—dark money is called that for a reason but beyond that there is a lot of detail to glean from campaign finance reports and sites that have made that data searchable.

CAMP 2018: Global Health Reporting Tip Sheet

By Amy Westervelt

The lead

Rachel Jones has been a journalist for 32 years, starting at The St. Petersburg Time in 1986. She came to health reporting through personal experience. “I fell at a young age, cracked a tooth, and we couldn’t afford to go to a dentist,” she said. As one of ten kids, born into poverty, Jones didn’t go to a dentist until she was 13 and says even as a child she knew it was wrong that other people went to doctors when they were sick when her family couldn’t. “I was angry about it, I thought ‘this is wrong, I ought to be able to go the doctor,’” she says. “And that really underpinned my interest in social justice and access to healthcare.”

CAMP 2018: Fran Lewine Interview

By Marina Fang 

The lead

Melissa Ludtke’s successful 1978 legal battle over access for female reporters covering baseball came from years of experiencing institutional sexism and working toward incremental changes. The story of her career provides lessons for women in journalism today, including the importance of networking, perseverance, creative solutions, defining your narratives, and simply doing the work, no matter how small the task.

CAMP 2018: Q&A with Elise Hu

Presented by Amy Westervelt

“Work-life balance” is a handy phrase for marketing self-help books, but the reality is,  it’s all life. And these two parts of life can’t help but impact each other. Elise Hu—former Korea  and Japan bureau chief for NPR and current staff reporter/host with NPR—walked us through those intersections in her JAWS CAMP 2018 keynote, framed as “all the ways I’ve failed to work for The Washington Post.”

CAMP 2018: The ABCs of Hard-Hitting Investigations Tip Sheet

By Shaya Tayefe Mohajer

The lead

Opportunities for investigative work are hiding in plain sight: in annual reports, budgets from every level of government and your keen observations about your surroundings, be they physical cues (crumbling infrastructure) or listening to the informed complaints of the local community (what is the one hospital locals don’t want to wind up in? That’s a good place to start.)

CAMP 2018: Contribute to the silent and online auctions

By Roxann Elliott

We hope you’re eager for our annual conference at Mt. Hood in Oregon. As we finish up preparations and so many of you are planning and packing for an awesome weekend, we’re here to remind you of our silent auction!

Each year at CAMP we hold an on-site auction, and we rely on contributions from our wonderful JAWdesses.