JAWS CAMP 2023 logo highlights event’s intersections, Chicago location

About this year’s CAMP logo

By Tanya Gazdik, CAMP Co-Chair

Madison Echlin

Designed by a new JAWS member and student journalist, the 2023 CAMP logo not only represents our host city, Chicago, it also offers a colorful nod to the many powerful intersections we’ll explore Oct. 13-15.

Logo designer and student journalist Madison Echlin is graduating this semester from Michigan State University with a bachelor’s degree in anthropology and two minors, one in leadership of organizations and the other in graphic design. 

CAMP Co-Chairs are excited to showcase Echlin’s talents via her interpretation
of the theme, “JAWS at the Intersections.”

“This year, we’re celebrating a new kind of CAMP in the city,” said CAMP Co-
Chair and longtime JAWdess Elissa Yancey. “We believe that highlighting the
many ways our work and worlds intersect allows us to amplify one another’s
strengths and find exciting new ways to support and connect with one another.
By doing this, we can play an important role in fostering collaboration, mentorship
and innovation–hallmarks of JAWS and part of what makes our organization
distinctive in the journalism ecosystem.”

Echlin, who incorporated iconic Chicago landmarks in her design, said she has
always had a strong passion for journalism. She joined the staff of The State
News, MSU’s fully independent student media organization, as a creative

“My dream job would be marketing design for a non-profit, creating things like
logos, pamphlets, ads, print issues, merch, and so on — a lot like what I have
been doing at The State News,” said Echlin, who is actively seeking her first
professional job. She hopes the strong JAWS network, in true JAWS fashion, can
support her on her journey. Have ideas or advice? You can reach her

Stay tuned for keynote speaker announcements and so much more in the weeks
to come! For now, thanks to our Chicago Host Committee members and all those
who submitted programming ideas. We’ll be reaching out to you before the end of
this month!

Watch for CAMP news and announcements here.