CAMP 2023!


CAMP 2023 set for Chicago!

From JAWS President Jenn Kho:

JAWS Conference and Mentoring Program (CAMP) 2023 will be Oct. 13-15 in CHICAGO! I couldn’t be happier that JAWS is hosting my favorite event in my new town – with the support of the Chicago regional chapter!

Because I’ve been asked about this committee the most, I want to give a special shoutout to the newly named 2023 CAMP co-chairsNadine Arroyo Rodriguez (director), who co-chaired last year’s CAMP; Tanya Gadzik (secretary), who co-chaired CAMP in 2020; and Elissa Yancey, who co-chaired the membership committee last year and also helped with some of the programming for CAMP. We had more volunteers to lead this committee than any other, and will be selecting committee members from our robust list of volunteers next – and picking a venue. Thanks so much for all of your interest in this year’s CAMP!