Join a JAWS Committee or Task Force

Dear JAWS members,

We’re still seeking volunteers for JAWS committees, including CAMP, communications, diversity, elections, finance, fundraising, membership, regional groups, programming and elections. We also need volunteers for a special short-term task force to create a sustainable mentoring program.

Fill out only the top of the form asking for your information if you are pressed for time. Only items with  * are mandatory.

You must have an active membership to join a committee. Renew your membership here. Join JAWS here.

JAWS is, and always has been, member driven. That means our ambitious plans can’t happen without your unique skills, talents and perspectives. Please consider joining a committee or task force this year to advance the professional empowerment and personal growth of women in journalism and advocate for more inclusive coverage of the diverse experiences and cultures that comprise our society.

The JAWS board and staff have structured committees and task forces that will put your skills and ideas to work  — whether that’s designing new digital programming, participating in diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) efforts, creating a new mentorship and student outreach strategy, supporting regional get-togethers and much more.

Joining a committee is a fantastic opportunity to develop new skills and connections while transforming the world. You’ll get leadership experience, build your resume, make new friends, expand your network — and help JAWS deliver the best resources, create useful, innovative programming and build a stronger sense of community for members like you.

Check out the 2022-23 committees and task force and sign up here by TODAYMonday, Jan. 24.

Please consider volunteering for JAWS today!

Thank you!

Jenn Kho