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JAWS President Jenn Kho

I hope you’ve been as inspired by this year’s love letters to JAWS as I have. Dawn Garcia’s incredible tale of how JAWS supported her when she became the first Latina editor in her newsroom made me cheer. Georgia Dawkins’ story of how JAWS helped her tell her truth and then carried her through the aftermath made me cry.

I have my own story, too. I came to my first CAMP when I knew I had to lay off staff I cared about – and then attended the most recent CAMP after I was laid off myself. JAWS members not only gave me the practical advice and emotional support I urgently needed – but convinced me that I could be a leader.

You have a JAWS story, too. That’s what makes JAWS different from all other journalism groups. We help each other, one to one, practically and personally. We find each other jobs. We critique each others’ resumes. We learn from each others’ stories. We carry each other through hard times. We become lifelong friends.

That’s why we need JAWS to thrive – for ourselves, and for all the other women in journalism to come.

Please give whatever you can give to keep JAWS thrivingYou gave us $1,650 for Giving Tuesday. Our goal is to raise another $7,500 before year’s end. A generous donor has offered to match every donation up to $5,000 from now until the year ends! If 100 people give $50 each right now, we can blow past our goal, claim the match – and put more than $10,000 in the bank toward programming in 2022!

But whatever you give – whether it’s $5 or $50 or $500 – means more webinars, more fellows, more support for regional groups and more lifelong friendships to help us thrive and transform this challenging, essential profession that we share. Please give what you can. Or if you’re not in a position to donate today, ask others to contribute to JAWS to support you and other women in journalism.

Because we love JAWS.

Warmly wishing you a beautiful year’s end,

Jenn Kho
JAWS president, 2020 to 2022