Savor Dawn Garcia’s heartfelt love letter to remember why JAWS is so special – and why it deserves your support

First published Nov. 26, 2021

Dear JAWS sisters,

I first learned about JAWS as I was joining a newsroom that did not welcome the new Latina editor – me – hired instead of the guys they knew. It was my first official leadership role in a newsroom, and it was lonely. At my first JAWS CAMP, I learned from wise and witty women who had been newsroom leaders before me. They gave me strategies, suggestions – and raucous laughter, when that’s what I needed. I felt like I was home.

Over the years, in every stage of my journalism career, JAWS has provided me with supportive mentorship, hands-on leadership training and friends for life. (That’s big.) I’ve learned new skills, including data reporting, podcasting and fundraising. All the while, I’ve had so much fun and such terrific times with JAWS women in fabulous places across the country. And I knew I could count on JAWS.

And that’s what we hear from you when we ask what’s different about JAWS – and why you, too, can count on JAWS. In JAWS, we make deep, personal, individual connections with each otherWe come through for each other, with practical advice and personal friendship. Yes, we advocate for all women in journalism. AND we advocate for each other, as individuals. And if not us, who?

JAWS can keep using its powers for good as long as each of us gives what we can to support this important cause. On this Giving Tuesday, could you give $25 … or $25/month … or something moreOr could you ask others – who love and support you and what’s important to you – to give in your name?

However you choose, help us keep JAWS thriving today – and for the next generation of women in journalism. Those talented women will have each others’ backs when times are hard and will celebrate together when times are good. Just like the wise and witty women of JAWS who first welcomed me into a circle of friendship and supportive advice when I needed it most.

Yours in JAWS sisterhood,

Dawn Garcia
JAWS president, 2008 and 2009