JAWS Mother’s Day fundraiser was an amazing success! Let’s keep it going!

WOW! What an incredibly successful Mother’s Day fundraiser!!

Past president Kat Rowlands offered to match the first $3,000 that came in during our Mother’s Day fundraiser. And you did it! You gave more than $3,000 — honoring women who’ve inspired you, whether mothers or others. Kat doubled your donations, giving us $6,061 total in May.

We launched our 35 for 35 campaign at CAMP in December. It’s only May, and you’ve blown past our goal. With our Mother’s Day success, Presidents’ Giving Circle and general donations, we’ve brought in $38,200 in just five months!

What an incredible commitment to this powerful group of women, determined to support one another with friendship, career advise, knowledge and tools for success as we strive for a more accurate portrayal of the whole society.

So now let’s set a new goal — and raise $50,000 by CAMP Oct. 15-17.

Donate here.