Join the JAWS Board and make everlasting connections

By Alex Hinojosa

Before joining the JAWS Board I was rather timid and unsure of myself.

What was this organization? How could I make a difference? Through the encouragement of Kate Gannon, the former regional captain of the Borderland JAWS group, I attended my first CAMP conference, a gathering that combines professional development, productive training, networking and invigorating speakers.  

After attending CAMP in 2018, I made friends and connections that were unlike any other. Women who could all relate and share similar experiences in the world of journalism. 

Thereafter, I felt the need to make more of a difference and become involved. I spoke with several women, many of whom encouraged me to join several committees. I began with the Diversity Committee and was later invited to join the Communications Committee by Former Vice President of JAWS Lindsey Anderson.

Later, I shared my experiences with women I worked with at home in El Paso. I told them I loved the experiences I had gained and enjoyed helping the organization but I wanted to do more. That is when a former mentor of mine encouraged me to join a board with an organization I believed in. 

JAWS is that organization. 

I put my name in the hat for a spot on the JAWS Board in 2019. I serve on the Board as Secretary. JAWS is moving forward in our mission of uplifting and supporting women in journalism, and it is an honor to join that work. I have made friends and connections who have provided me with so much insight and support. 

If you want to join the JAWS board and be part of this amazing group, or you know someone who would, please fill out the JAWS Nomination Form by Oct. 19, 2020. The committee will send questionnaires to nominees in the next few weeks. Once nominees’ applications are reviewed and candidates are confirmed, per our bylaws, we will commence voting on the 2020-2021 board slate.

There are several positions open for the JAWS Board. Nominees must be current on membership dues and have attended at least two CAMPS, one of which can be the upcoming CAMP Dec. 4-6. 

If you have any questions or require additional information, please contact Eloiza Altoro at .