JAWS seeks new Diversity and Inclusion Consultant

Dear members, I want you to know that Dr. Mary J. Wardell is no longer able to continue her diversity and inclusion work for Journalism and Women Symposium (JAWS). In a statement she shared with the Executive Committee on April 18, Dr. Wardell said that is has been her “professional pleasure assisting the Journalism and Women Symposium through this most difficult organizational time as it grappled with the aftermath of the 2018 CAMP and the incidents leading up to the diversity crisis it faced. During the past several months, we have worked diligently to gauge the organizational climate of JAWS through numerous conference calls, meetings and discussions. A climate survey was created and conducted with the results presented to the Board and members; providing needed feedback where the organizations’ climate for equity and inclusion currently stands and steps required to improve the climate.” I had hoped to extend Dr. Wardell’s contract, which ended in March, so she could coordinate and facilitate regional events and CAMP sessions centered around equity and inclusion. The challenge, of course, was funding. Thanks to the generous support of the Democracy Fund, we were able to come back to Dr. Wardell with a contract extension, but by that time, she had found other opportunities, as she noted here: “In the ensuing time since I proposed my offer of services, my professional circumstances have changed precluding me from continuing the work with JAWS at this time.” As such, we are seeking a new diversity and inclusion consultant, someone who can meet the objectives outlined by the Democracy Fund, which include holding a certain number of regional events and CAMP sessions on racial equity and inclusion. If you know of someone who can help meet those needs, please reach out to me at ywilson@sfsu.edu. Thanks, Yumi Wilson JAWS President