CAMP 2018: So you want to write a book? Tip Sheet

By Leezel Tanglao


Jane Isay, author and editor (@janeisay)
Diana Henriques,  award-winning financial journalist and author (@dianabhenriques)

The lead

Prize-winning journalist and best-selling author Diana Henriques teams up with veteran editor and author Jane Isay to take the audience from the germ of an idea for a book through the thinking, the selling, the writing, the editing, and the publishing process.

The Top Five

          • You have to love the subject more than life itself.
          • You have to know who your audience is.
          • You need a proposal that will get you an agent. And you need an agent that will get you the publisher.
          • Advances – Average advance is $10K. If you’re starting out and care about the topic, don’t get wrapped up in the money. If you are established, you can ask for more.
          • You’re going to need dialogue, scenes and scenes in which people do things.

The Surprise

You are going to do 80% of the marketing for this book. It’s your baby.

The Resources

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