CAMP 2018: Follow along from afar (or from near)

If you can’t make it to CAMP this year, you can still follow along from afar. We’re all journalists, so you can bet we’ll be tweeting interesting insights from our fabulous keynote speakers and breakout sessions. Monitor the hashtag #JAWSCAMP18 for live updates.

Even if you will be at CAMP, checking the hashtag is a great way to plan meetups and keep tabs on concurrent sessions. There are so many great panels lined up, we know it’ll be hard for you to choose!

Also stay tuned for tip sheets from our JAWS fellows, who will compile helpful tidbits from each session. We’ll share their posts on the JAWS website.

And most importantly, the dates and location for next year’s CAMP will be released over the weekend. Grab your calendar and get ready to plan a trip to the East Coast for CAMP 2019!