CAMP 2018: Contribute to the silent and online auctions

By Roxann Elliott

We hope you’re eager for our annual conference at Mt. Hood in Oregon. As we finish up preparations and so many of you are planning and packing for an awesome weekend, we’re here to remind you of our silent auction!

Each year at CAMP we hold an on-site auction, and we rely on contributions from our wonderful JAWdesses.

Our members contribute some amazing items to the auction – from handmade items to rare and interesting books to past CAMP schwag to jewelry and knick-knacks from abroad to brand new items like this… JAWSome mug.

See what we did there?

We also hold an online auction where anyone, including your friends and family, can bid on vacation rentals, one-on-one coaching, rare items or hosted tours.

But, none of this is possible without our passionate and dedicated members. If you’re coming to CAMP in Welches, Oregon, don’t forget to bring something clever, beautiful or fun to donate to our on-site auction.

And if you have something more intangible to contribute, like a weekend at a vacation cabin, a sailboat excursion or your valuable coaching time, please email us at to contribute to our online auction.

Thank you for your time, and we hope to see you at CAMP!