Crunch time – propose a CAMP panel by Feb. 2

By Roxann Elliott

It’s crunch time!

No, that’s not a cruel rallying cry to double down on your waning New Year’s resolutions. You’re beautiful and fierce and no one cares how many crunches you did today.

Instead, we’re here to remind your fabulous selves that the deadline for CAMP programming proposals is this Friday. We need some savvy, passionate women to step up and take charge of organizing panels for our 2018 CAMP retreat Oct. 12-14 at the Mount Hood Oregon Resort in Welches, Oregon. Submit your idea here.

And, trust me, you want to be at CAMP, this year. Nestled in the forests near Mount Hood, the location is phenomenal, even by our decadent standards.

Now, I know you’ve seen several prompts over the last several weeks to submit session ideas for CAMP. And maybe one or two ideas for great panels or training sessions rose to mind. But surely, you supposed, someone more experienced and knowledgeable than yourself has already suggested those ideas.

Ummm… probably not.

You see, not only are you far more qualified than you may readily admit, you’re likely also in the company of many, many, many — many women who underestimate themselves. Hard as we all work to combat that insidious imposter syndrome.

So, the shameless and repeated solicitation for panels is not for some imaginary “other.” It’s for you. If you have the curiosity and tenacity to learn more about a topic, to gather experts, and to present an enriching and engaging session for your fellow JAWS members.

In short, you don’t need to be an expert today – you just need the drive to grow your own knowledge and the skills to locate awesome trainers or panelists. CAMP relies on the work of organizers and volunteers. Your work is what makes CAMP happen – and what makes it so uniquely fulfilling.

This is your chance to give back everything you’ve gotten from CAMP. Your insight and will to lead will make all the difference in the lives and careers of your fellow CAMPers. For more information, read JAWS Vice President Lindsey Anderson’s practically-perfect-in-every-way FAQ.

Thank you for tolerating our incessant nagging, and we hope to see you in Oregon!