CAMP 2018: Organize a panel or session

By Lindsey Anderson

Journalism and Women Symposium really needs you—yes, you!—and your wonderful ideas!

We are accepting proposals for panels and workshops for this year’s Conference and Mentoring Project (CAMP), which will be held from Oct. 12-14 at the Mt. Hood Resort in Welches, Oregon.

CAMP programming is created by and for members—and I know you all have skills and experience that could benefit other members. So please share your knowledge by organizing a panel at CAMP!

Submissions can be entered here and are due by Feb. 2.

Some FAQs

What exactly are you looking for?
We’re looking for members to organize a handful of tech training sessions, about 20 topic-focused sessions and one or two half or full-day Friday workshops. Sessions can be panels with up to three speakers plus a moderator, or you can lead a session solo.

What topics are you looking for?
Anything and everything! To give you some ideas, oft-requested sessions include audio/video/photo editing, strategies for dealing with and reporting sexual harassment and assault, a pitching workshop, beat-specific panels, tips for mid-career journalists, journalism ethics, etc.

Check out last year’s schedule for more ideas.

I don’t think I’m an expert in anything. Why should I organize a panel?
You are an expert! Maybe you really know your beat. Maybe you’re great at using a certain application or software program. Maybe you recently navigated a tough career change. Maybe you get hundreds of pitches and have tips on how to perfect them.

This is your chance to help your fellow women journalists, to share your knowledge and gain exposure for your work. Your expertise is exactly what we need, whether you’re a college student or have been in the business for decades.

What do I have to do if my panel proposal is selected?
If your proposal is selected, you’ll be responsible for getting speakers for your panel or for leading the panel solo. You’ll be the primary point person between CAMP organizers and your panelists, helping with things like gathering your speakers’ bios and making sure you have all the technical equipment your session needs. At CAMP, you’ll moderate your session. And that’s it!

Do I get anything if I organize a panel?
Aside from exposure and the pride and joy of sharing your know-how with other women journalists, you’ll also get a discount on the cost of your CAMP registration.

You’ve won me over. I have lots of ideas! How do I submit a panel?
Wonderful! Submit your proposal here by Feb. 2: