JAWS announces new operations director

We’re excited to announce Roxann Elliott as our incoming operations director. She will be working with Roxanne Foster the rest of the year and taking over the job in January 2018.

Roxann is a freelance journalist and entrepreneur motivated by the stories and unique challenges faced by women in the professional arena (also, English Breakfast tea).

She recently completed a yearlong fellowship with the Student Press Law Center, serving as their publications editor, after graduating from the University of Colorado with a master’s degree in journalism in 2016. Before that, she earned her bachelor’s in criminal justice from the University of Alaska Anchorage and worked for the U.S. Attorney’s Office as a docket clerk and administrative assistant.

Roxann saw the chance to use those years as a cubicle-drone to further the mission of JAWS, balancing her journalism education and previous career experience to further their mission to empower women in journalism.

“I love SPJ and IRE, but JAWS is so much more,” she said. “JAWS is community – we recognize that our jobs and our lives are interconnected, and we nurture the whole person.”

In her personal time, she’s working on the project that drove her to graduate school – starting Ransom Magazine, an online publication focused on the needs of working women from the checkout line to the corner office.

“We’re sad to see Roxanne Foster leave JAWS, because she’s been such an inspirational and organized operations director,” said JAWS President Sandra Fish, “but I know she’s going to continue doing great work for women in our society as she moves on. And we’re fortunate to get another Roxann, Roxann Elliott. Her experience at the Student Press Law Center and elsewhere fits the bill to keep our JAWS ship afloat.”