CAMP 2017: Give and receive in the JAWS online auction

By Katherine Rowlands, JAWS member

One of our most successful and fun fundraising efforts for JAWS is the online auction, which will give you the chance to bid during the month of October on a vacation in California, a painting for your office or expert training in career-building skills.

This is a great opportunity for those who are at the 2017 Conference and Mentoring Project (CAMP)—and those who cannot come this year—to find some meaningful experiences or unique items while supporting your favorite nonprofit (we will still have the traditional on-site tables at CAMP with jewelry, handicrafts, media swag and clothing that you can fit into your suitcase but the online auction means everyone—not just CAMPers—can participate).

Last year the online auction raised just under $4,000 and we are confident we can do even better this October. But before you scour the offerings for what you want to get, you have to give. Please participate during the month of September by contacting Kat Rowlands () with ideas for what you can offer.

Here’s what we are seeking for our online auction:

Vacation homes

Do you or your family have a home near beaches in California or Florida, in the mountains in Colorado or Utah, near a national park like Joshua Tree or Glacier, or in a downtown hub like Seattle or NYC? If it’s a place people would like to spend a weekend or a week, then we want it in the auction. You can make it available publicly (which generates more bids) or you can restrict it to only JAWS members (meaning only those in the JAWS family can bid on your place). I’m putting up my house in Cambria for a week again this year; last year it earned $800 for JAWS.

Original artwork

We have some talented, creative members in our midst and many of us also know artists who make beautiful jewelry, paintings, pottery, etc. My friend and colleague Patrick Cant will once again be donating several of his prints (of classic typewriters, cameras and other subjects) to JAWS. I will also be asking other friends with art collections to donate. If you find the artwork, we can help with the mailing once the bids are finalized after CAMP.

Date nights

Museums, theaters, music venues and restaurants are often willing to donate a pair of tickets or a gift certificate for a worthy cause. If you frequent a favorite place in one of our major membership hubs (like the Bay Area, LA, NYC, Chicago, Albuquerque, Denver, etc.), ask the owner if they would be willing to help us out. My local movie theater and the nearby bistro were happy to oblige.

Skill sharing

Are you a good public speaker? A book editor? An experienced magazine writer? A resume doctor? Could you donate an hour or two of your time to give tips on public presentations, manuscript reviews, story pitch ideas or resume revamps? Sharing is a big part of the JAWS culture, so why not generate some revenue to support JAWS programming at the same time? Think about your talents and donate a bit of your time to support other JAWdesses—and the organization.

If you donated last year, we’ll be circling back to see if you’d be willing to do it again. And if you have an idea for something else that might generate revenue for JAWS, please let us know! We’ll be accepting items through the month of September and then posting them for bidding in early October.