CAMP 2017: Start a Table Talk conversation

By Lindsey M. Anderson, JAWS member

One of the best parts of CAMP is the opportunity to confer with women from across the globe, sharing our experiences, insight and advice.

Table Talks at Sunday dinner are the perfect time for those conversations.

As CAMP winds down after a whirlwind weekend of panels and activities, attendees can choose from a slate of themed tables for Sunday’s dinner.

Past topics have included ageism, preparing for retirement and survival skills for women of color, as well as a table for former and current Associated Press journalists.

It’s a time to slowly dissect big questions and enjoy a meal with women who share similar experiences and are passionate about the same issues.

We’re looking for CAMP attendees to submit topic ideas and loosely guide the discussions at each table.

If you have an idea for a table topic, email CAMP co-organizer Lindsey Anderson at by Sept. 25.