CAMP 2017: Bring back treasures from the road to share with JAWdesses

By Julia Airey, JAWS member

The 2017 Conference and Mentoring Project (CAMP) is fast approaching! And that means, for those of you who haven’t attended one before, it’s time to start thinking ideas for the onsite auction!

For the past five years, CAMP has hosted an onsite and online auction to raise money to help cover JAWS CAMP programming. Last year the onsite auction raised almost $4,000 and we are confident we can do even better this October. And the best part? While luxury items like watches and vacation trips bid well, so do handicrafts and clothing – so everyone has a shot at contributing!

Last year some of the most popular items were screen-printed yoga tanks, gift cards and Native American jewelry. Services like editing or book proposal coaching were also in high demand. Here are some more examples of good auction items that can be donated to help raise funds for our programs.

  • Purses and hats
  • Media or political swag
  • Posters and art
  • Books
  • Jewelry – Necklaces, earrings, rings, sets, etc.
  • American Indian/Native American
  • Miscellaneous, especially from faraway

You never know what will catch people’s eye at the auction – so take a look around let us know if you have anything you’d like to donate. To contribute to the onsite auction, bring your item to CAMP where we’ll have auction slips for you to fill out and I (Julia Airey) will be on site just before dinner time on Friday, Oct. 27, to accept them.

We appreciate each and every donation: CAMP is made possible by contributions from all our JAWdesses!