Member blog post: The JAWS Marketplace is open!

jawsmarketplaceBy Pam Moreland, JAWS member

That’s right; think about JAWS–and the online JAWS Marketplace–during the upcoming weeks of holiday gift giving.

Stylish hoodies. Yoga mats. Coffee cups and water bottles. T-shirts in a myriad of styles. Outfits for the baby, the doggies and for your BFF. All emblazoned with the JAWS logo.

The best part? JAWS earns a 15 percent commission on every purchase from our online store. So with every gift you give, you are also supporting your organization in its efforts to support the professional empowerment and personal growth of women in journalism and work toward a more accurate portrayal of the whole society.

So shop early, shop often and have a great time helping to support JAWS.

If you’re looking for another painless way to help JAWS, use Goodsearch as your default search engine. It uses Yahoo, but JAWS gets about a penny for every search (You can always switch to Google for specialized searches.)  Goodsearch also offers Goodshop, where a percentage of your online purchases at many stores goes to JAWS.

Oh, and CafePress, the platform for JAWS Marketplace, is on Goodshop, with lots of coupons. Save while you spend!