CAMP 2016: What to pack for CAMP

IMG_7413v2CAMP is a time to build career skills, enrich the spirit and relax with colleagues. We also schedule ample free time for CAMPers to explore the area, mentor each other and catch up with old friends. We’re excited to see you this week, here’s a list of items you can consider bringing with you to Roanoke. Leave the cocktail dresses and power suits at home, and get ready for a relaxing weekend.

Weather. Roanoke looks to be in the 60s to 70s during the day and 40s to 50s at night. There is also a slight chance of rain so bring an umbrella in case there’s some drizzle. Bring a jacket and clothing that you can layer to stay bundled up. The setting is relaxed and casual – CAMPers generally wear jeans, t-shirts and comfy shoes.

Sessions. The Conference and Mentoring Project schedule is packed with informative and inspiring programming. Bring a pen and a paper notepad or a tablet and laptop to jot down notes.

Auction. Bring jewelry, clothing, accessories of all shapes and sizes (large earring are a must!), books, small gadgets, foodstuff (if it won’t spoil), media-related swag, tchotchkes and more for the onsite auction. If it’s easy to pack or carry on to an airplane, then it is perfect for the Onsite Auction.

Halloween party. Bring your halloween costume and take part in the annual Friday night party kicking off CAMP! Get creative with your look. Prizes will be awarded.

Yoga. For those early morning risers, we’ll be offering yoga. Bring comfortable clothing that will allow for easy moving or stretching. Be sure to pack your yoga mat with you.