CAMP 2016: Only you can make the JAWS online/on-site auction a success

a-neckerchief-1315912_640By Pam Moreland, JAWS Board Member

Give JAWS your gift cards, your collectibles

Your artwork yearning to be displayed on another coast

Donate treasured possessions that have value beyond belief

Send information on vacation rentals, tech gadgets and more to us

We will put these in the JAWS online auction to raise money

For our beloved nonprofit group

–With profuse apologies to Emma Lazarus and the Statue of Liberty

With fewer than 100 days before CAMP 2016, it is time to get serious about donations to the online and on-site auctions.

We need your help to make this year’s auctions successful. After all, money raised by the auctions will help to underwrite JAWS programs.

Think online auction for high-end items, vacation rentals, services (from ski instruction to guided tours, from counseling and editing of your manuscript to vetting your podcast demo tape). If it’s too big to fit in a suitcase, then it’s perfect for the online auction.

Think on-site auction if you are coming to Roanoke, Va. Bring jewelry, clothing, accessories of all shapes and size (large earring are a must!). Books, small gadgets, foodstuff (if it won’t spoil), media-related swag, tchotchkes and more for the onsite auction. If it’s easy to pack or carry on to an airplane, then it is perfect for the on-site auction.

If you don’t know what to bring or what to donate, let’s talk. There are lots of ideas and lots of ways to participate. Even if you can’t come to CAMP, you can still donate stuff (and participate in the online auction).

Tickets to “Hamilton”? Perfect for the online auction.

Autographed copy of Amy Schumer’s new book? Perfect for the on-site auction.

Platinum Apple Watch? Perfect for the online auction.

$30 in iTunes Gift Cards? Perfect for the on-site auction.

Brand-new boxed board game for Game Night? Perfect for the on-site auction.

Adult Beverages? Wine Not! Perfect for the online auction OR the on-site auction. (You can share your successful purchase with your fellow JAWdesses.)

Contact Pam Moreland at or Meg Heckman with information about your donations. We will get back to you for the details, and any advice on which auction seems more appropriate.

The only limit is our imagination. Let’s talk and let’s get the bidding going.