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The Journalism and Women Symposium is dedicated to helping women advance in journalism and ensuring news coverage that provides a full and accurate picture of society. Thanks to sponsor support, JAWS provides mentoring and training in leadership, innovation, digital/mobile technology and newsgathering skills each year to 1,000 leading U.S. women journalists who make up the JAWS community. Hundreds of full members represent 150+ news organizations – from The New York Times to NPR to new digital startups.


~ Your support helps women enter and stay in journalism, ensuring news is reported by and reflects women’s voices.

Women currently represent just over a third of newsroom staffs, little changed since the 1980s, and a lower percentage of women journalism students are entering the news business. Very few advance into leadership positions, where decisions are made about covering stories and hiring new staff. JAWS members find connections through our extensive member database, social media and regional networking events and those introductions have helped hundreds of women find positions and promotions.

Given the climate of America and journalism today I’m often encouraged to just quit, which is what I planned to do before being chosen as the 2015 Diversity Fellow for JAWS. I don’t know if the women of JAWS understand just how much they changed my life that year. Since then, each time I leave CAMP I feel empowered, motivated and inspired. I now push for diversity and inclusion on air and off. JAWS reminded me that newsrooms needed women like me to tell the story the way it should be told and to champion for change. Hearing their stories of triumph in the face of adversity showed me I was not alone in my daily interaction with racism and sexism. When I feel the spark for journalism dying, JAWS is the fire that re-ignites it. The difference between JAWS and so many other journalism groups is they want to see you do great things and they want to help assist any way they can. The competition factor isn’t there. My mantra is now “Lift as you climb” which is what JAWdesses do. I am now co-chair of the JAWS Diversity Committee, president of the Greater Cincinnati Association of Black Journalists and an advisory board member for Aviatra Accelerators (an organization that helps women entrepreneurs). I hope to continue to carry the JAWS torch by fighting for equal rights for journalists and women a like.

– Charisse Gibson, Anchor/Host



~ Your support means JAWS can mentor more women in journalism. JAWS has informally mentored hundreds of women over the past three decades with career advice, practical tools and connections that led to jobs and promotions. As a core strength of our organization, mentoring has always been a highlight of our annual conference and we expanded it this year to be a year-round program for all our members across the country. JAWS matches highly motivated women in journalism with experienced mentors so they have a powerful network to keep them in journalism and help them advance into leadership roles. The learning often goes both ways, another benefit to the personal connections made through JAWS.

JAWS has given me the guidance I’ve needed to find my way in the field, and an avenue for me to find my future ways in the field. JAWS has given me
– the tools I need in order to define and measure my own success
– the tools I need in order to give back to the field. For example, I learned about shesource.org through JAWS, which has helped me to get more “she said” attributions into my stories. I learned how to be a strategic and vocal advocate of hiring more women in higher positions.
– the context I needed in order to understand the importance of our field. I am ashamed to say that the first time I learned about The New York Times sex-discrimination lawsuit was not in school but after I graduated college in reading Nan Robertson’s “The Girls in the Balcony” which I picked up during my first JAWS CAMP auction in 2014.
– to chart out what so far has been a successful career path
– the knowledge to help me chart out my future career path. Though this will sound grim, I’ve learned from other JAWS women and my own reporting the importance of advocating for myself and others early, how to position myself to fight against a likely setback in my potential earning capacity if I decide to take substantial time off once I have children. I’ve learned the importance of constantly learning new skills and keeping up with the latest trends to prepare myself for when it’s my turn to fight against ageism.
-the savvy to recognize when I see sexism, be it intentional or institutional, in my own newsroom

– Nicole Raz, Business and Tech Reporter


~ Your support means JAWS can provide fellowships to more women in journalism. JAWS fellowships have brought more than 50 women to the annual Conference and Mentoring Project over the last five years, including slots for diversity, entrepreneurship and mid-career journalists. Through both informal and formal mentoring and our fellowship program, JAWS is invested in helping women succeed, no matter what stage of their careers.

JAWS is my soul food. I come to CAMP for the learning, the friendship, the inspiration and support. I was freelancing, adjuncting and writing my first book when I came in 1997 as a scholarship winner. With two exceptions, I have come every year because my sisters sustain me and make me humble, grateful and better at what I do. Throughout the year, my JAWS colleagues feed my heart, mind and soul.

– Michele Weldon, Author, Journalist, Editor




~ Your support accelerates the transformation of journalism. JAWS serves growing numbers of entrepreneurial and multimedia journalists as the industry reshapes itself, finds new business models and provides news in new formats. Your sponsorship supports both new ventures and women seeking to translate the strengths of traditional journalism in new ways. Recent training topics included data visualization techniques, social media reporting and verification of user-generated content. We also have provided training on branding, dealing with online harassment and finding funding for entrepreneurial ventures. JAWS also leverages great relationships with complementary journalism organizations to provide cross-training and in some cases reciprocal memberships. Partnerships include American Copy Editors Society, Exceptional Women in Publishing, Society of Professional Journalists and National Press Club.

“JAWS provides the opportunity to make life-changing connections by bringing members together in person or on the national listserv. JAWdesses have helped me turn every new goal I set for myself since joining the group into an achievement.”

– Angela Woodall, reporter and founder of CivicPlayground




~ Your support improves the quality of journalism. Continual learning is crucial to providing the public with the most engaging, meaningful and credible news. Journalists increasingly turn to JAWS for training to supplement what is available in their own newsrooms, as training budgets have been cut, or to fill the basic need for independent journalists. Sponsors help build journalists’ skills and sourcing by underwriting regional and national training. Recent topics have included use of data in stories, improving interviewing skills, editing skills for freelancers and investigative reporting techniques.

“One of my favorite things about JAWS is the sharing of information and expertise, not only through the annual fall conference, but every day on the JAWS listserv. It’s a wonderful resource!”

– Sandra Fish, independent data journalist




When you sponsor JAWS, you invest in the future of women. You help build the future of news.

Sponsorship also is a great way to build recognition for your organization among hundreds of leading journalists in JAWS – through publications, events such as our annual Conference and Mentoring Project and regional mentoring events, the JAWS website and social media.

Please find details on what your sponsorship can accomplish and partnership options below. We are grateful for your support and what it can achieve.



CAMP Star Sponsor

CAMP Gold Sponsor

CAMP Silver Sponsor

CAMP Bronze Sponsor

Books and Browse with JAWS authors

Yoga Mornings

Fellowships for 10 emerging journalists, plus slots for diversity, mid-career and entrepreneurial journalists

Advance-the-Cause Sponsor

In-Kind Donations



Conference and Mentoring Project (CAMP 2015):

The Conference and Mentoring Project (CAMP) offers an excellent opportunity to reach hundreds of prominent women journalists who gather annually for a weekend of intensive training and alliance-building. Past speakers include Pulitzer Prize winner Sonia Nazario, Jezebel founder and columnist Anna Holmes, longtime AP courts reporter Linda Deutsch, New York Times executive editor Jill Abramson and Gloria Steinem.

CAMP Star Sponsor: Contribute at the $10,000 level and receive high-profile recognition at the annual CAMP event and throughout the year. Star sponsors are thanked prominently on all our program materials and across our social media platforms, including LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and the JAWS website. You will also be acknowledged with a thank-you card at each conference table and a sponsor ad displayed on the JAWS.org homepage and in our monthly e-newsletter to members for a full year. Star sponsors also are invited to bring up to four people to the JAWS CAMP keynote dinner.

CAMP Gold Sponsor: Underwrite CAMP at the $5,000 level and receive prominent homepage advertising with logo or other message on the JAWS website home page for six months, as well as thanks on all our program materials and across our social media platforms, including LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. You are provided with two tickets to the JAWS CAMP keynote dinner. Gold sponsorships support the CAMP program or fund JAWS technical training for up to six months.

CAMP Silver Sponsor: Contribute $3,000 to underwrite our conference at this level, and you will be thanked prominently on all our program materials and across our social media platforms, including LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and our website, including an ad on the JAWS homepage for four months. Silver sponsorships include three special targeted opportunities:

  • Trailblazer CAMP Keynote Luncheon – honors and is given by a trailblazer for women, in or outside journalism. Past speakers include longtime AP reporter Peggy Simpson and Vermont Gov. Madeleine Kunin.
  • Media Leadership Luncheon – recognizes the industry leaders who have led JAWS and those who serve on JAWS’ advisory board, including Geneva Overholser, Diana B. Henriques, Jill Geisler and Lisa Stone.
  • All-day training the day before CAMP on data visualization for journalists, teaching them tools for how to create maps, graphics, spreadsheets and other ways of sharing information with readers in useful and interactive ways.

CAMP Bronze Sponsor: Your sponsorship of a panel program or our networking breakfasts on Saturday and Sunday at CAMP at the $2,500 level are recognized adjacent to the JAWS newsletter articles about those events, in program materials, as well as in social media mentions of the sponsored events. Panel sponsors are acknowledged at the events and associated with the top-quality presenters they support.

Books and Browse: A $500 sponsorship covers the popular book-signing event held on Saturday night. Sponsors at this level will be thanked prominently on all our program materials and on special signs at the event, which draws focused attention to book and e-book publishing, book clubs, authors and agents. We will also acknowledge sponsors on our Author’s Page on the JAWS website.

Yoga mornings:

Underwrite the yoga sessions that open each day at the annual CAMP! A $500 sponsorship brings thanks on all programs and in newsletters and social media about the event, plus signage and acknowledgment at the start of each day’s yoga session. This is a great opportunity for a local outdoors company or a health service.




Sponsors of JAWS CAMP fellowships receive broad and ongoing acknowledgement for their very direct support of one of JAWS’ core missions: helping a diverse pool of promising women journalists enter the field and advance their work. Each fellowship sponsor at the $2,000 level underwrites one journalist’s attendance at CAMP. For years, these fellowships have enabled women to make the connections they need to enter and advance in journalism. JAWS has fellowships targeting emerging, mid-career, diverse and entrepreneurial journalists. As a fellowship sponsor, you have immediate and direct personal impact on the advancement of a journalist’s career and work. You’ll see your support acknowledged in the CAMP program, in the JAWS newsletter for two high-profile months before and after CAMP, and a name and/or logo listing in the JAWS annual report and web site.



Advance-the-Cause Sponsorship

Help JAWS serve more women journalists! We have a 30-year track record of supporting and mentoring women at all stages of their careers and the recent dramatic growth in our membership, tripling in less than five years, shows that we are needed more than ever. Sponsors provide crucial core support enabling JAWS to reach more news women, provide more services and fight harder to advance equality in newsrooms and news coverage. JAWS is racing to build capacity and expand programs to meet demand, not only with our annual conference but with regular meetups in hubs across the country and daily exchanges on our robust listserv. Interested in accelerating the core work of this organization? Your Advance the Cause sponsorship will speed our progress toward an equal voice for women in news coverage. We suggest three levels of support.

Star Cause Sponsor:

  • Launch the Leadership Paths Project to expand leadership training to regional groups and offer it in additional metro areas, reaching an estimated 250-400 additional journalists with training and other local professional opportunities.
  • Speed the rollout of a nationwide mentoring match-up program launched in 2014. Your sponsorship would enable JAWS to match an added 50 pairs in this coming year and create a resource guide for mentees.
  • Launch the JAWS Wikipedia Project. Leading women journalists are under-represented on this important crowd-sourced reference site. JAWS is launching a project to work with journalists to ensure women are as visible as their work merits on Wikipedia.
  • Accelerate core services: Create workshops for new media skills development and expand partnerships with complementary journalism organizations to maximize training and networking opportunities around the country.

Star sponsors can choose to have names, logos or other ad content placed prominently on the JAWS.org homepage and in our monthly e-newsletter to members for a full year. Star sponsors also are invited to send up to four people to the JAWS CAMP keynote dinner.

Gold Cause Sponsor: A $5,000 level sponsorship will enable JAWS to launch and execute the Wikipedia Project listed above, plus hold regional events, reaching an estimated 250-400 additional journalists with training and other local professional opportunities. Gold Cause Sponsors have prominent ads on the JAWS.org homepage and in monthly e-newsletters for half a year, and are invited to send two people to the JAWS CAMP keynote dinner.

Silver Cause Sponsor: A $2,500 level sponsorship will enable JAWS to launch regional events in additional cities, reaching an estimated 250-400 additional journalists with training and local professional opportunities.



In-kind and other

We welcome in-kind support to do technology training, provide items for our silent and online auctions and other partnership opportunities.



Interested in something else?

We’re happy to talk about the possibilities. Contact Roxanne Foster at  or 510-764-1877.

A note about our approach to sponsorships as journalists

As an organization of journalists, JAWS of course follows appropriate ethical guidelines. We deeply value sponsors and seek sponsor input, but sponsorship does not influence news coverage by JAWS or JAWS’ individual members, or determine the content of programming decisions that are made by JAWS based on participants’ needs. We are a registered nonprofit; Tax ID 84-1077803.

Thank you for supporting JAWS. We are grateful for the sponsors and partners who make this work possible.