July 2016: Last call for fellowship campaign donations, JAWS board nominations

Give a little? Or a little more?

We’re still a ways from our crowdfunding goal to bring 13 wonderful women to CAMP as fellows.

If you haven’t already donated, consider kicking in a little (though we’d take a lot too!). If each member kicked in just $10 this week, we’ll meet our fundraising goal of $15,000.

I’ve already asked my friends and family to donate (and many of them have, including a few who surprised me!) via email, Twitter and Facebook. I’d urge you to seek out help from your friends too.

In the meantime, today I’ll be going to our crowdfunding site to give just a little bit more! I hope you’ll join me!

On another matter, someone needs to replace me.

Not immediately, I’ll be JAWS president through CAMP 2017, and my successor will take over as president-elect this October.

But we are also looking to build the board of the future, so we’re seeking nominations that the membership can vote on in October, with terms to begin after our Sunday morning membership meeting at CAMP.

We’re seeking nominations for three officers and three directors to serve Journalism and Women Symposium:

  • A woman to serve as president-elect for a year before serving a two-year term as president.
  • A treasurer to serve a two-year term, working closely with Operations Director Roxanne Foster, the president and the rest of the board.
  • A secretary to record meetings of our minutes during her two-year term, though Sheila Solomon has agreed to run for a second term.
  • Three general directors to serve two-year terms on our 13-member board.

As specified by our bylaws, officers and board members must be active members (i.e., paid up on your dues), have attended at least two CAMPS (including the one they are running at) and have done “significant volunteer work” for JAWS. The president-elect should have demonstrated experience in organizational leadership and management.

Board members are expected to attend the annual conference during their tenure, as well as a spring board meeting at a location specified by the board president. They must pay membership dues and fees (including CAMP registration, etc.). Duties include participating in monthly board conference calls to build and guide long-range and short-range plans, address programs and services for our members, recruit members, contribute and/or raise money for JAWS. contribute to the JAWS newsletter, website and social media feeds, and contribute ideas for regional events and for CAMP.

We also have plenty of fun while helping our organization progress!

Angela Greiling Keane, one of the outgoing board members and former National Press Club president,  is leading a nomination committee that will recommend new board members to the membership. The other members of the committee are Mary C. Curtis, Jodi Schneider and Susanna Ray.

For the first time, voting on the board of directors will be conducted online so all members – not just those attending CAMP – can participate. Voting will begin at noon Eastern on Friday, Oct. 21, and conclude at noon Eastern on Saturday, Oct. 29.

Results will be announced and new directors installed at the conclusion of the Oct. 30 membership meeting at CAMP.

To nominate yourself or someone else for one of these jobs, please contact Angela at . The deadline is Sept. 1, with candidates  to be announced later that month.

— Sandra Fish