In Other News: Reporters on Reporting

You’ve read an incredible article.

You’re thinking, how did the reporter do that?

Not every journalist has a mentor to rely on. So we set out to solve the mystery of what it takes to be a solid reporter. Learn how these reporters:

– gain access to particular politicians or agencies

– determine which documents reveal the most crucial information

– unlock a story over months to write an investigative series

In Other News: Reporters on Reporting digs into the stories of 12 journalists who have worked for leading news outlets including The Washington Post, BuzzFeed, NPR, TIME, ABC, the Los Angeles Times, and more .

These bold reporters share their personal background, such as how they landed their first jobs and why they chose this career. They also reveal the truth about their best work—how they uncovered gems of stories, the skills that give them their edge in an incredibly competitive space, and other educational, inspirational, and motivational advice.

Finally, the reporter is the subject of the story!