CAMP 2015: How to pack

By Merrill Perlman, JAWS Board Member


  • CAMP is very casual, even the meals. Jeans, T-shirts, sweaters, whatever you’re comfortable in, bring. Don’t be surprised to see lots of vintage JAWS T-shirts or jackets. It’s our anniversary, after all!
  • Because we are in the mountains, it will get chilly at night. You might consider bringing a fleece vest or jacket, or even a heavier one, if you get cold easily. The average high in Whitefish in October is in the 50s, and the average low is in the 30s.
  • Hiking boots! We’re right near Glacier National Park, and there’s lots of hiking nearby.
  • Big earrings! It’s a JAWS tradition to wear big earrings.
  • Auction items! Bring things that you would like to buy for our silent auction. You can always ship them ahead, too. Make sure you leave room in your suitcase for the stuff you’re going to buy yourself!
  • Hair gel! You want that Big Hair look for the 1980s party! Also anything with big shoulders.
  • A bathing suit! Hot tubbing is another JAWS tradition. Sometimes, there’s even synchronized swimming.
  • Cash! For the cash bar. And credit cards, for shopping and the silent auction.
  • Business cards! Hand them out to everyone you see. Or have an app ready to send your contact information.

A desire for fun, learning and adventure. You are sure to find them all in the warm environment of CAMP.