CAMP 2015: Pre-conference FAQ

We’re excited for the 30th anniversary Conference and Mentoring Project (CAMP) in Montana this year. Here are a few helpful answers to some of the most frequently asked questions. See you soon!


Where can I get a copy of the schedule?

An overview of the weekend’s schedule is here. Detailed descriptions of individual sessions can be found here. We’ll also have printed versions of the schedule at CAMP. You can also see the schedule on SCHED (, who else plans to attend, and get reminders of which sessions you want to attend with the SCHED app.


What is the deadline for registering?

You can register here at any time. Rates are $375 for JAWS members and $475 for non-members until Sept. 15. After Sept. 15, rates are $400 for members and $500 for non-members.


Is there a day rate?

Yes, the rate for one day is $135 for members and $200 for non-members.


Can I bring a guest to meals?

Yes. A guest pass is available for $150 and allows a friend or family member to sit in on up to three meals with associated programming. Contact Operations Director Roxanne Foster () to purchase a guest pass or discuss options for having your guest sit in on more than three meals.


How do I find a roommate?

The hotel block is now sold out. You can try to find a roommate by posting here to find people who have already booked a room. Or you can stay at the Best Western, about a mile from the hotel.

The JAWS rate is $87/night. Make your reservation here:

The Best Western has a complimentary shuttle that runs every hour on the hour (on request) that can be used to go to the conference hotel.


Is there a carpool list for people on the West Coast driving to CAMP or driving in from the Missoula airport?

Yes, please add your information to our rideshare doc here.


How can I participate in mentoring at CAMP?

All registered campers will receive a form to sign up to be a mentor or mentee before CAMP. It is imperative that you sign up at least a week in advance. If you missed the signup deadline or have questions contact mentoring facilitators Kira Zalan () and Julia Kagan ().


How can I order a CAMP T-shirt?

All registered campers will receive an order form (also found here). We do not have the ability to mail T-shirts to people who don’t attend CAMP, so the only way to get one is to attend or ask a registered camper to order and pick up one for you.


How do I get from the airport to the hotel?

The conference hotel offers complimentary shuttles from the Glacier Park International Airport (FCA). Call 406-892-2525 before leaving home to schedule a ride.


How is the CAMP program selected?

A request for proposals went to JAWS membership in January. The CAMP committee coordinated selections with guidance from the president and president-elect.


Is it too late to suggest a speaker or workshop?

Yes, but save those great ideas to submit to the 2016 organizers! They will be looking for ideas in early 2016.


If I have food allergies, what do I do?

The registration form included a place to list food allergies. If you forgot, contact event planner Chris Vachon () immediately.


What should I wear?

Leave the cocktail dresses at home. Bring your favorite jeans and flannel shirts. It’s Montana! It’s autumn! Bring a jacket. Wearing crazy earrings is encouraged. Bring your workout clothes if you wish to participate in morning yoga. The grounds have an indoor pool and dry sauna as well as two outdoor, year-round hot tubs, so bring a bathing suit. And don’t forget the legwarmers and shoulder pads for your best ’80s outfit! We’ll be throwing an ’80s party Friday night to celebrate our 30th anniversary.


How can I volunteer for camp? What kinds of volunteers are needed?

Sign up using the form here. You can also contact the following people directly if you’re interested specifically in the areas they are coordinating.

Party Like It’s 1985: Judy Miller ()

Registration: Roxanne Foster ()

Books & Browse: Michele Weldon ()

Auction: Pam Moreland ()

Blog and Website (editing, overseeing fellows’ reporting, posting, etc.) Merrill Perlman () or Justine Griffin ()


How can I participate in the online auction?

An email will go out to all JAWS members in late September announcing the opening of the online auction. Vacation rentals, high-end jewelry, a range of consulting services to help you reach professional goals, and regional meetups are just a few of the categories. This part of the auction will run through Sunday, Oct. 11, at 11 a.m. (the official close for the online and on-site silent auctions). JAWS friends and families are welcome to bid in the online auction. The URL and QR Code for the online auction site will be available in late September.


What should I bring for the silent auction?

The silent auction at CAMP is a great way to make a tax-deductible donation to the organization, release some of your competitive genes and walk away with prized possessions. We invite all registrants to bring items for the auction. A few things to remember:

  •       New, or lightly used, items are best.
  •       You should be able to pack items in a suitcase.
  •       Accessories (scarves, belts, hats, etc.), jewelry, media swag, clothing (T-shirts, jackets, socks), tech gadgets, books, desk accessories and goofy gifts all make good silent auction items.
  •       Anything featuring journalism, girl power, and/or feminist themes.
  •       Sophisticated tchotchkes, JAWS collectibles (this is the 30th anniversary!) and, well, let your imagination go wild.


How can I help support CAMP?

Registrations don’t cover the full cost of CAMP or the programs we offer year-round. We welcome donations from anyone who wants to advance our mission of empowering and supporting women in journalism and working toward a more accurate portrayal of society. It’s easy to donate online and you can do it right now.


Are there extra expenses I should plan for?

Most of your meals are included, but you will be on your own for lunch on Sunday. This is a good time to meet up with your mentor/mentee.

You’ll probably want to spend some money on the very cool items that are part of the silent auction and the CAMP T-shirt (starting at $25). We’ll have several authors joining us for the Books & Browse on Friday night, so make sure to save a few bucks for books. And bring cash for the cash bar!


What equipment should I bring?

Business cards if you want to pass them out to new friends. A laptop if you wish to have one-on-one training, or you are a fellow and will be blogging. Your smartphone if you plan to post on social media, post selfies with awesome JAWdesses, or add contact details from new friends. Your phone, tablet or laptop if you want to see the conference schedule online via SCHED. Charging cords so you can power up at one of our charging stations around the meeting rooms. (Keep in mind that the Wi-Fi connection may be spotty in some areas; you may want to try using your own hotspot if you have one through your phone’s data package.)


What will the Internet service be like at Grouse Mountain?

They have 15mb download service from Century Link, but that level of service probably slows way down when more than about 90 people are using it. There will be ethernet connections for presenters who’d prefer that. And the resort may bring in some additional mobile hotspots for us to use. If you’d like to bring your own mobile hotspot, there is strong 4G and LTE service there. Verizon is the strongest service provider, but AT&T will be decent too.