Unspinning the Spin: The Women’s Media Center Guide to Fair and Accurate Language

The Women’s Media Center — founded by Jane Fonda, Gloria Steinem and Robin Morgan— presents its first comprehensive guide to using accurate, inclusive, creative, and clear language. At a time when language is too often used to “spin” instead of communicate, “Unspinning the Spin: The Women’s Media Center Guide to Fair and Accurate Language” was created to help everyone understand and be understood.

“Unspinning the Spin” offers the convenience of a dictionary, the authority of a usage guide, the helpfulness of a thesaurus, and the wit and wisdom of an entertaining and authoritative teacher of the subject.

Organized alphabetically for easy use, with cross-references to related words, phrases, and issues, this book goes beyond the scope of the usual reference book. It mines a wide variety of fields to present the background, current uses, accuracy, alternatives, and best practices for choosing and decoding common words and phrases, and offers a trove of suggestions for bias-free language.

“Unspinning the Spin” is a practical, indispensable how-to that is fun to read. It’s invaluable for journalists, bloggers, students, teachers, government officials, and communications professionals, and it will be compelling for any reader who loves the English language.

The book was edited by JAWS member Mary Thom.