Madi Alexander

madi_alexanderMadi Alexander is a graduate student at the University of Missouri. She is originally from Oklahoma, where she was raised by a single mom in Moore (yes, the place with all the tornadoes). Her main interests include politics, feminism, the Middle East and investigative journalism.

With family ties to the Middle East, Alexander has always been captivated by the region and, in 2012, she spent six months in Doha, Qatar. During her undergraduate career, Alexander studied how the uprisings in the Middle East impacted the treatment and perception of Arab female journalists. She also spent part of last semester writing from an intersectional frame about the pervasiveness of sexual harassment in newsrooms.

Alexander plans to pursue a career in investigative reporting, using her data skills to shine a light on problems affecting the most vulnerable populations. One of her recent projects revealed the problematic over-prescription of heavy psychiatric medications to Missouri foster children. She has worked at the database library at the National Institute for Computer Assisted Reporting and interned at The New York Times.