April 2015: Get ready for CAMP

In just six months, the Journalism and Women Symposium (JAWS) will celebrate “Women Making News for 30 Years” at our anniversary Conference and Mentoring Project (CAMP) Oct. 9-11 in Whitefish, Mont. Start making your plans to be there to toast our herstory and our future. Register now by clicking here and then give Grouse Mountain Lodge a call to reserve your room.

CAMP chairs Gina Setser and Emily Shenk are lining up a stellar program. Sessions are in the works on long-form journalism, election finance, avoiding the campaign spin (just in time for your 2016 reporting), teaching journalism, the ethics of crossing lines and so much more. Hilary Powell is organizing another lineup of tech-on-one trainers to cover all the skills and apps you need to succeed. This year’s Fran Lewine Interview will feature Linda Deutsch interviewing trailblazing journalist Edie Lederer. A special plenary session will focus on diversity in tribute to the work of the late Dori Maynard, a member of the JAWS Advisory Board. And stay tuned for announcements about keynote speakers and for details on a screening of “Difret” with producer Dr. Mehret Mandefro (thanks to a great suggestion from Kathy Bonk).

If you’re looking for a pre-CAMP boost, we have two options on Friday, Oct. 9: all-day data visualization training and an afternoon “Book Camp” organized by Jane Isay and limited to 20 participants. This hands-on workshop will offer guidance from established editors and literary agents on that book you’ve always wanted to write.

CAMP veterans know that this conference is unlike any other. If you haven’t been before, come and find out what it’s like to share in person the community you experience on the JAWS listserv.

– Linda Kramer Jenning

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