Winning JAWS 30th Anniversary slogan

By Nancy Day

On behalf of the judges, I am pleased to announce the winning slogan for our 30th anniversary year:


The judging was blind, based only on the merits of the many entries, but I was thrilled to find that the winner comes from Linda Deutsch, legendary trials reporter for the Associated Press, based in Los Angeles. Those of us lucky enough to come to CAMP ’14 were spellbound during her interview with her longtime friend and colleague Edie Lederer about her approach, ethics and entree into the world of celebrity defendants and their lawyers. Last month, Deutsch announced her retirement and her plan to write her memoirs.

Thus, the prize of extra time on the Friday night CAMP introductions should be lively and include more juicy tidbits from Deutsch’s victory lap year, including many celebrations of her storied career.

When JAWS President Linda Kramer Jenning, also an AP alumna, told Deutsch of her victory, she replied, “I am thrilled to have chosen the JAWS 30 slogan.”

The process, which those who tried it can attest, was far easier said than done, getting at the essence of what JAWS is and does in one brief phrase.

“Pondering the challenge,” said Deutsch, “I jotted down the elements that should be included, while keeping it short. Three things came to mind: the name of the organization, the 30-year milestone and the importance of women in news both as journalists and news makers.”

Many entrants, as Deutsch surmised, toyed with the notion of “30,” the anniversary of the Estes Park founding, and also part of journalism jargon, a problem because “30” connotes the end. Eventually, she concluded, “that was too much an insider’s term to appeal to a wider audience.”

“It may not have the cachet of ‘You’ve come a long way, baby,’ but times have changed since that was used to peddle cigarettes,” Deutsch said.“Our product is more powerful and we are no longer babies.”

Kramer Jenning said the slogan will be used internally and externally, to attract new members and sponsors. She concurred with Deutsch, who added, “I look forward to celebrating the Big 3-0 with everyone at CAMP.”