Jill Abramson to speak at CAMP

Jill Abramson Dear JAWS members:

I’m happy to report more good news about our Conference and Mentoring Project (CAMP)!

Jill Abramson will be joining us again and has agreed to speak again as well. We’re still working out the details of when she will talk, but probably at some point on Saturday, Nov. 1.

At CAMP last year, New York Times reporter and JAWS advisory board member Diana B. Henriques interviewed Jill about her experience being the first female executive editor of the Times. Check out clips from the Q&A here and here. This year, I’m sure we’re all eager to hear about her much-publicized ousting from the Times and also what she plans to do next. In case you missed it: here’s the letter I wrote to Jill on behalf of JAWS following her firing.

Please join me in welcoming Jill to this year’s CAMP (@jillabramson). Lucky us!

Lauren M. Whaley, JAWS president