Calling all authors!

By Kelly E. Carter, Coordinator of Books, Browse and Booze for CAMP

BooksBrowseBooze1Did you know that showcasing your book(s) at JAWS CAMP can help pay for your registration and hotel?

That’s right! If you participate in Books, Browse and Booze, taking place Saturday, Nov. 1, from 4:30 to 5:30 p.m., you may sell enough books to cover your early-bird registration fee (deadline is July 31) and room at La Quinta Resort and Club. Book your room by Sept. 30 to take advantage of the special JAWS rate of $149 plus taxes and fees.

Books, Browse and Booze is where CAMPers can buy books by JAWS authors, meet the authors and chat with them about their latest work.

BooksBrowseBooze3If you’d like to have one or more of your books featured during this lively and popular session, please let me know no later than Monday, Sept. 26.

However, you’ll need to act quickly if you’d like to have your book featured in the printed program, a terrific way to let CAMPers know your book will be available during Books, Browse and Booze. For the program, I’ll need 150 words containing your bio and book(s) description, along with a high-resolution headshot of you by Aug. 15. Please email me at and include Books, Browse and Booze: YOUR FIRST & LAST NAME in the subject line.

In anticipation of your questions, here are some answers:

You must be a JAWS member to have your book(s) on display during Books, Browse and Booze. If you’re not yet a member, this event is further incentive to join!

JAWS CAMP registration is required to participate in Books, Browse and Booze. One-day registration is available for $135 for members.

You’ll be responsible for getting your book(s) to the hotel no later than Oct. 28 and returning any unsold books. (Hopefully you won’t have any left!)

BooksBrowseBooze2Plan to have a minimum of 20 books on hand. (Last year, Jill Abramson sold more than 50 copies of her book, “The Puppy Diaries: Raising a Dog Named Scout.”)

You set the price for your book and JAWS will handle transactions using Square, leaving you free  to sign and chat.

Historically, authors donate a percentage of book sales to JAWS.  A check will be mailed to you within a week of the event. Square’s 3 percent credit card processing will be deducted. Also, participating authors will split the cost of equipment needed for the event. I’ll have a better idea of this fee once I know how many authors are participating.

Please let me know immediately if you’re interested. And let me know if you have any questions about the hotel. I’ve stayed at this pet-friendly resort twice in the last few years and had fantastic stays both times.

Special thanks to Ellie Van Houtte, who took the photos shown here at last year’s Books and Browse. This year, we’re adding a cash bar and calling it Books, Browse and Booze.

I look forward to seeing you in La Quinta!