Catherine Green

Catherine Green got a late start to journalism, relative to her peers. It wasn’t until after she wrapped up her undergraduate career at Bates College that she pursued the field in earnest. Her first stop was an arts reporting internship at her hometown’s alt-weekly, NUVO in Indianapolis. While there, she started to understand the power of telling stories. Her Type-A personality served her well, and she moved up quickly from intern to editorial assistant to interim news editor. The master’s program at USC’s Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism served up a much faster pace, and Catherine rose to the challenge.

On top of class work, she became heavily involved with Neon Tommy, the nation’s leading university-based news site. Her second year, she took over as editor in chief, setting a new standard of accountability and diligence for the news organization’s young staff. While at USC, she was honored to receive the Los Angeles Press Club’s 2011 award for best online feature, competing with professional journalists from the city’s top news outlets. Her work was featured in the Los Angeles Times, LA Weekly and on American Public Media’s Marketplace, and during her final semester, she accepted an internship with Los Angeles magazine. A business reporting fellowship at the LA Times carried her from graduation to finding a home at Voice of San Diego, where she now oversees daily operations as deputy editor. She’s been thrilled to work with such a supportive team, including several inspiring women in the newsroom.

She loves running the trails and sidewalks of San Diego, practicing hot yoga and checking off new experiences. And for the record, she prefers you call her Caty (or Rage if you like, the nickname she’s earned as a host on Voice of San Diego’s weekly podcast).