Join JAWS’ spring fling potluck in May

Jennifer dePaulBy Jen DePaul, JAWS Board Member, Chair of Regional Gatherings

We’d like to announce the first annual JAWS “Spring Fling Potluck”! Most of our active chapters already host regular monthly gatherings, usually in the form of a happy hour. We want to challenge you to ramp up your regional gathering by hosting a potluck in the month of May. Our goal is to have every active chapter (Bay Area; Boston; Chicago; D.C.; Frederick, Md.; New York City; Seattle; and Southern Calif.) participate in this event.

Whoever hosts the event (regional captain or member), we ask that you promote it among your regional email listservs, email website manager Connie K. Ho for an announcement in the next newsletter, and tweet @womenjournos, prior to the potluck. Remember to take pictures and submit them to the chair of regional gatherings following the event so that we can share them in the next newsletter and online. Find some tips and documents, including a flier printout with discounted rates for new members, on how to host a regional event. Have questions? Email Chair of Regional Gatherings Jen DePaul.