JAWS launches formal mentor matches year-round

Journalism & Women SymposiumBy Donna Myrow, JAWS Board Member

Are you looking for advice on career advancement, work-life balance, breaking into a different media platform or just a good listener?

The JAWS mentoring program is for you.

Whether or not you come to the Conference and Mentoring Project, better known as CAMP, you can participate in our year-long mentorship program. We’ve taken the positive experiences of mentors and mentees and harnessed them more formally for our JAWS members.

The mentoring relationship takes time and a level of commitment for one year from both sides. You can sign up to be a mentor or a mentee no matter where you live, as long as you keep in touch with your match via email, telephone or other contact.

This part of the mentoring project is designed to help emerging or career-changing journalists with issues ranging from framing a story to crafting a résumé, from job searches to adapting to changing trends in journalism.

The program will provide support to prepare for self-advocacy, transitioning into teaching or other endeavors, preparing your case to ask for a raise, improving public speaking or transitioning into leadership positions, among other important issues. Geographic proximity is a plus. Ask for what you need!

Several members have already asked for a mentoring partner. You can ask for either a mentor or mentee partner too. Contact Donna Myrow or Becky Day. Mentors and mentees will receive an application questionnaire and a simple agreement that lays out the expectations of each party, some goals and what each party hopes to achieve. A list of resources, links to relevant topics covered by Poynter, universities, or other institutions will also be available.

JAWS is excited to offer our members another opportunity to expand your skills personally and professionally.

Sign on up with an email to Becky or Donna or check the box when you mail in your membership renewal.