Regional gatherings recap: February 2014

JAWS D.C.: Former board member Roberta Baskin hosted a JAWS gathering Jan. 20 at the eclectic Mansion on O in Washington, D.C. More than 20 JAWdesses turned up at the bar, then roamed the mansion to search for more than 30 secret passages, admire the artworks and buy a few tchotchkes. They assembled in a private room (through a secret door) to catch up on life and livelihoods. Roberta handed out random quotations by women for women, and they talked about how each fragment of wisdom and humor resonated in their lives. Thanks to Roberta for organizing a great event.

JAWS Southern Calif.: A small group of journalists and friends gathered in Palm Springs at Donna Myrow’s home in Palm Springs to pick grapefruit, lemons and oranges, while taking in beautiful vistas and connecting with amazing women journalists. Thanks for hosting, Donna!