February 2014: Haikus for you and upcoming events

Whaleyd0e0abDear JAWdesses:

It’s 1:23 a.m.

The baby is asleep in my arms and I’m typing this on my phone. He’s snoring and practicing his smiles in his sleep as we rock. He just laughed in his sleep. It’s quiet moments like these when I look into my son’s face when I feel truly grateful.

For JAWS, it’s all about the moments, too. Thanks to your support and the hard work of board members and other volunteers. We are looking forward to creating more moments, big and small.

During the Conference and Mentoring Project (CAMP) 2013, I mentioned new big initiatives I’m excited to launch, including a new online membership system, a nationwide mentoring program and a new diversity committee. The board of directors and I continue to think strategically about membership, fundraising, communications and regional trainings. We’d love to hear from you if you are interested in participating or simply want to offer input.

Here’s a sampling of the major initiatives we’re working on to sustain and improve the organization — in haiku.
Age, ethnicity,
geography and genre.
In it together.

Our diversity committee is seeking trainings and initiatives for JAWS leaders and members to better meet our mission of working toward a more accurate portrayal of society.
Palm Springs awaits us:
Learn tools, tricks, wisdom. Debate.
Also, dance parties.

Panel suggestions still welcome for our annual Conference and Mentoring Project in Palm Springs (Oct. 31 – Nov. 2, 2014), organized this year by Adrienne Lawrence and Megan Sweas.
Branding strategy,
digital face. Like us! Tweet

Our communications team continues to work honing our brand and digital presence with the great help of social media strategist Ankita Rao and website wizard Connie K. Ho.
Mid-career and new:
Seeking guidance, wisdom, cash.
We all need some help.

In addition to our traditional fellowships for emerging journalists, we’re working to develop more opportunities this year for women from diverse backgrounds at various points in their careers.
Revamping systems.
Online databases
can be sexy, too.

Our new soon-to-launch membership database, called YourMembership, will improve the membership experience by making it easier to track your membership status and tax-deductible donations, find people in your area, and access members-only content.
Fundraising and Development
Building partners, friends.
Making it all possible.
Thanks for your support!

With the help of our newly appointed JAWS ambassador, our development team is working hard to make sure we can afford all the incredible new initiatives we want to bring to our members.
Mentoring, training:
Generations together.
Let’s drink wine, sister!

Our mentoring team is working tirelessly to jumpstart our nationwide mentoring program. The mentoring program will be for women of all ages and employments. It’s for the executive who wants help to hone in her management skills, the entrepreneur who needs funding ideas for her startup, the mid-career journalist looking to (re)brand herself, the graduate student who wants an internship. We’re working on a pilot program with a few pairs of mentors and mentees to start and will roll out the program to our members later this year.
Regional Events
D.C., Maryland,
Chicago, L.A., The Bay …
JAWS to rule the world!

This year’s regional events are off to a great start with expanded chapters in Los Angeles, D.C., the Bay Area, NYC and Chicago. Learn how to host one in your area.
Safe place to learn, grow.
Women helping women. We
hold up half the sky.

Thank you thank you thank
you thank you thank you thank you
Thank you! Love, Lauren