7 new members in Frederick, Md.

By Adrienne Lawrence, JAWS Board Member

We have seven new JAWS members in Frederick, Md., which brings our area’s total to 19 members (including me)! It’s great, because word is spreading about JAWS in the community. This time around, Stephanie Yamkovenko, D. Dolan and I planned it so everything would be fun, easygoing and informative. Stephanie baked some seriously delicious king cakes to share (here’s a recipe). Dee prepped her house for everyone and offered wine, beer and a wide variety of foods. I asked Karlys Kline, a smart, kind and very well-connected socialite in Frederick (she also serves on several for-profit and nonprofit boards), to join us and talk about her tips and tricks on how to make lasting connections.

In all, we had about 15 women journalists attend and everyone shared their experiences and  stories to pitch, and absorbed Karlys’ tips. To make and keep connections, she recommends handwritten notes and thoughtful emails, treating everyone with kindness and respect, and following up. She uses a memory trick to remember who to email and contact after an event. For example: Karlys might meet Stephanie, Anne and Marsha. She then takes the first initial of each name S, A, M and makes it into an acronym = Sam. When she gets to her car, she then writes the acronym down the page, each name and what she is to do when following up later that day or night. While handwritten notes may seem old-fashioned, it can be a great way to add a personal touch, particularly when the person is likely to be a long-term source, colleague or friend.

Everyone bought some raffle tickets to win a set of freshwater pearl bracelets, a mixed metal necklace and a $100 gift certificate (all from Lia Sophia and donated by my family), and a couple of people wrote donation checks, so we raised $342. Most people also brought a Christmas gift they received but wanted to pass on. All were wrapped, so everyone grabbed a random gift and there were a few great surprises in there, like a Crabtree & Evelyn lotion set.

Here’s to another great mixer in February!