CAMP 2013: Tools for multimedia storytellers

Lauren M. Whaley brought Erin Siegal McIntyre and Carrie Ching together to speak about multimedia storytelling at the Conference and Mentoring Project last month. Here is a list of stories and tools and other helpful resources from the panel.

Examples shown during presentation:

Snowfall (NYTimes)

Firestorm (Guardian)

Tomato Can Blues (NYT)

Symbolia (Erin Polgreen)

1 in 8 million (NYTimes)

National Film Board of Canada

California is a place website; Interview with the creators is here

Resources for learning multimedia, on your own:

Interactive Narratives: ONA’s online site for sharing multimedia

Duckrabbit Blog: Photography, multimedia, etc. Good critical insight on stuff happening in the photo and multimedia world.

Knight Digital Media Center at Berkeley offers multimedia training for journalists.

Essential multimedia field reporting kit by Koci Hernandez

Finding the Frame: Submit your multimedia piece for feedback from other journos

Berkeley J-School Multimedia page

Columbia’s Tow Center

Build a timeline, the easy way:


Music to use (within your own ethical framework):

Soundcloud: Free music and sound database; searchable by use (commercial, non-commercial, etc) or by type/ keyword

MobyGratis Ask for permission, and Moby lets you use his original tracks for noncommercial use

Song Freedom (low cost) (low cost)

WFMU’s Free Music Archive

Basic gear we like:

Audio recorder: H4N Zoom, Olympus LS 11, Marantz 661

Mics: Rode N-TG2, Audio Technica 897, wireless lavs, wired lavs

Photography: Canon 5D Mark II,


Where to get gear: has an extensive used gear section does too! Call ‘em and ask what else is in stock, much more is unlisted.

Freeware to use:

Audacity: Edit audio

Soundslides: download for a free trial

MPEG Squared: Must-have for transcoding/ switching formats for video footage

Software to pay for or acquire:

Adobe Audition (video editing)


FiRe (iPhone)

FinalCut Pro (video editing)

iMovie (video editing, comes on Mac computers)

Inspiration to click around:

Zeega: Online platform for sharing videos

Cowbird: Short online multimedia