Conference FAQ

We’re excited to see you at the annual Conference and Mentoring Project (CAMP) in Vermont this year! Here are a few helpful answers to some of the most Frequently Asked Questions. See you soon!

1. Where can I get a copy of the schedule?
You can see our schedule online here (view it on your phone or tablet as well). We will also be passing out printed versions of the schedule at CAMP.

2. What should I wear?
Leave the cocktail dresses at home. Bring your favorite jeans and flannel shirt. It’s Vermont! It’s autumn! Weather forecast for Burlington calls for mid-50s for the high and dropping to upper-30s at night. Bring a jacket. Wearing your crazy earrings encouraged. Bring your workout clothes if you wish to participate in morning yoga or use the fitness center at the Essex. You may also wish to bring your bathing suit: the Essex has an indoor pool!! Halloween costumes optional.

3. What should I know about Friday night introductions?
JAWdess Lynn Sweet will return with her traditional stopwatch: you’ll have 10 seconds to introduce yourself or suffer the evil eye of Lynn. So make it quick and clever!

4. Are there extra expenses I should plan for?  
The shuttle from the airport is free (don’t forget to make a reservation with the resort if you want them to pick you up). Most of your meals  are included, but you will be on your own for lunch on Sunday.  You’ll probably want to spend some money on the very cool items that are part of the silent auction,  you may want a CAMP T-shirt or some of the other nifty JAWS items that will be for sale at the registration table and you may want to buy a book or two from JAWS authors at Books and Browse on Saturday evening.  You’ll fill out a tab form when you check in and can add items throughout the weekend.  You can check out/cash out before you leave and pay your tab. JAWS is happy to accept VISA or MasterCard, a check and even good ol’ fashion cash.  Bring cash for the cash bar.

5. What’s your policy on quoting panelists?
We tell our panelists “Don’t say anything you don’t want Tweeted.” That said, be courteous. We’re all here to learn and have fun!

6. Can I tweet about what an awesome time I’m having?
Yes please! Use #JAWS13 and tag @womenjournos!

7. What equipment should I bring?
Your laptop if you wish to attend the Tableau demo with Gwyneth Doland.
Your laptop if you’re a fellow and will be blogging.
Your DSLR camera if you wish to volunteer as a photographer. If so, talk to Becky Day.
Your phone, tablet or laptop if you want to see the conference schedule online via SCHED.

8. I am within driving distance to Essex, but don’t have a car. Can I bum a ride? 
Yes, coordinate rides using our Google Doc. Thanks to our members who are offering an extra seat in their car.

9. I am flying into Burlington, but I need a ride to the hotel. How can I arrange that?
The Essex Resort offers a courtesy shuttle from the Burlington Airport for JAWS CAMPers. Please call (802) 878-1100 and let the front desk know your flight time so they can plan the bellman’s trips to the airport.  Once you arrive at the Burlington airport and can turn your cell phone on, call (802) 878-1100 and ask for the shuttle to pick you up. Note, the resort will not send out the driver until they receive the call that says you are at the airport. Please note JAWS is not coordinating the shuttle, but the resort is happy to help!

Or you can contact a member who is offering rides during that time. See the Google Doc.

10. This is my first CAMP. Who should I talk to get oriented?
Anyone! Making new friends is a requirement! 🙂 JAWS has a tradition of welcoming new CAMPers. There will be also be a CAMP 101 orientation for first-time CAMPers Friday night.