Judy Miller

Judy MillerSemi-retired, Judy Miller is still doing what she loves most… meeting new people and interviewing subjects.

After more than 26 years in Broadcast news as a content editor, producer and reporter in Detroit and Denver she reinvented herself as a Trial and Media Consultant for 12 years.

It was a fairly seamless transition as she utilized her experience and expertise in TV news to prepare witnesses for their testimony at trial and depositions, assist lawyers by using story-telling for their opening statements and closing arguments, and to guide PR clients in message development and presentation skills.

In 2007, she relocated to Florida to be near her aging parents.

To find something to do, she conducted interviews for the 2010 Census. Through people she trained with at the Census, she discovered companies that conduct studies and surveys all year around for mostly Federal agencies. And that’s what she’s been doing for the past three years.

She credits JAWS friends whose support gave her the confidence (and push) to pursue these different professional tracks.
The most recent of which, is getting back to blogging.

“As for JAWS…I’m a founding Mom; started with JAWS before we had an identity. It’s given me so much, being on the board, is a great way to give back and give thanks.”

Term expires Oct. 11, 2015.