Honoring Dinah Witchel

By Becky Day, past JAWS Executive Director

I’m sure I was just one of many women who spent time this past weekend reflecting the remarkable career of Dinah Witchel. Her work as an author, editor and writer inspired women everywhere, no more so than with her long involvement as a member of the Journalism & Women Symposium. I can’t remember a time when she wasn’t on the JAWS membership roster. In 2001 when we cancelled the JAWS annual conference because of 9-11, Dinah and other New Yorkers rallied, pulled together another program and invited JAWS members to come to New York to help heal the city and share some of that special warmth we have at JAWS.  That November, Dinah hosted a huge brunch at her brownstone and had a book signing for Carolyn Heilbrun’s latest book. Dinah was one of those pioneer women in journalism and a special friend of JAWS. To honor her work and contributions to advancing women in journalism her family has asked folks to please consider a donation to JAWS and the JAWS Fellowships. Donations can be made online or you can mail your donation to JAWS, 15 Hillsdale Road, Lawrenceville, NJ  08648