Arielle Stevenson


As the food editor and staff writer for Creative Loafing Tampa, I write about everything from craft beer to abortion legislation. I spend my days trolling strip malls for unknown ethnic eateries and digging my heels into long-form news pieces.

Born and raised in Largo, Fla., my home state continues to provide me with plenty of writing material. While there’s a lot of trash talk about the sunshine state, some justified, I’m hoping to shed a different (albeit truthful) light on the place I call home.

Since entering into this industry eight years ago, I’ve had the privilege of reporting for Free Speech Radio News, Huffington Post, Tampa Bay Times, and the New York Times.

I have a lot of growing to do, and I’m eager to learn from people far more skilled than me. Storytelling is my temple, and I want to get better at finding that sweet spot between the informative and the engaging. I’m so incredibly excited to attend my first JAWS conference as a fellow; it’s a miracle this biography isn’t entirely composed of exclamation marks. I’m honored and humbled to learn from you all. Thank you sincerely for the opportunity.