Gridiron gathering

When Kathy Bonk sent out the word to Washington Jaws members that Edie Lederer and Linda Deutsch were coming to town for the Gridiron dinner and would love to see their JAWS sisters, she got a great response.

She and her husband then graciously offered to host a brunch at their lovely apartment above the Newseum. It was last-minute notice and she said she had no idea who would show up.

It turned out to be a bonanza. A dozen of the faithful came including Margie Freivogel and husband Bill who arrived from St. Louis for the Gridiron event and came to brunch with their suitcases direct from the airport.

Pictured are: left to right: Cheryl Hampton, Linda Deutsch, Edie Lederer, Peg Simpson, Linda Kramer Jennings, Margie Freivogel, Pat Sullivan, Betty Anne Williams, Kathy Bonk, Tennessee Watson and Kathy’s husband, Marc Tucker. Jodi Enda arrived after the picture had been taken.